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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m having an entire new irrigation system installed at my property, is there anything I need to do to prepare?

  1. Pets are inside day of installation
  2. If you are not going to be home, please make sure gates are unlocked and garage door opener or garage code is left somewhere so we can have access to the timer if it’s inside of the garage.
  3. If you know if any underground hazards such as power, gas or water lines running to a known location, please bring this to the attention of your technician.

I have a well. Can I still have an irrigation system?
Yes, there are many types of water sources available to irrigate your lawn. A well system is the most cost effective way to irrigate your lawn.

Will an automatic sprinkler system use more water than I am currently using to water my lawn?
It is crucial to protect our most precious resource, water. An automatic irrigation system will not use more water. If properly designed and managed it will reduce your water consumption from your current hand watering routines.

Will an automatic sprinkler system water better than I can water by hand?
Yes, we will design your system for matched precipitation, which means that even water will be distributed throughout your landscape.

With all of the rainfall in Florida, do we really still need a sprinkler system?
In order for you to have a beautiful landscape, you must have both Mother Nature “rain” and an automatic irrigation system. You cannot solely rely on either of these watering applications. The automatic irrigation system is going to apply water slowly to the targeted root zone, where as rain will fall too quickly for our average absorption rate in central Florida. However, the most efficient irrigation system is 80%. This means we must rely on Mother Nature to fill the gap. You need both to have a healthy landscape.

It’s been raining heavily, is it ok to shut my sprinkler system off to save water?
No, do not shut your system off when it is raining. It is too easy to forget to turn it back on. This is the purpose of having a rain sensor. Florida statue 373.62 requires you to have a functioning rain sensor. The rain sensor will shut down once enough water has been given to the landscape. The rain sensor is reliable if set accurate and mounted in the most effective location. By letting the rain sensor work properly you will conserve water, while ensuring the landscape is getting its needed watering.

Is it ok to shut my system off in the winter?
No, though turf needs less water in the winter because of decreased temperatures, it still needs water to survive. The length and frequency of watering can be decreased because there is a decrease in the environmental conditions, but you can’t just shut it off.

What is included in a brand new irrigation system? How long does it take to install an irrigation system? Will there be damage to my lawn?

  1. A controller
  2. Rain sensor
  3. Backflow
  4. Valves
  5. Remotes
  6. MP rotators
  7. Piping
  8. Wiring
  9. Fittings

On average, most residential systems can be installed in 1 to 2 days. There is no long term damage and turf recovers relatively quickly. The trench that we dig will not exceed 4”.

Why is it important for me to be on the Irrigation Maintenance Program?
Just like your vehicle, your irrigation system needs maintenance. From the controller to the heads, there are hydraulic driven parts that need to be maintained. Check out our irrigation maintenance page for more information.

How do I program my irrigation controller?
Programming your controller is simple. First, set the date and time. Then, select which days of the week you want the system to run. Next set what time you want it to run and how long each zone should run for.

How long do I need to water for (How much water needs to be dispersed?
Determining the run time for each zone is more than just setting the controller. As a homeowner the best way is to put out catch cans (tuna cans) and run the system for a ten minute test run. The goal is to water ¾ of an inch. After your test run time figure out how much water is in your test can. Once you have determined the amount of water figure how long will it take to fill the can to ¾ of an inch. Take that same number and times it by your 10 min. Example, your can filled up to ½ of an inch in ten minutes and you want to apply ¾ of an inch. Based on the results of ½ you will need to run that zone for 15 minutes.

The display on my timer is blank. What does that mean?
There are several reasons why this can happen. You may have lost power from the source. The transformer in your controller could be bad. There could potentially be a blown fuse. The controller may need to be reset.

My controller shows the zones working but the sprinklers are not turning on. Why is this?
There are several reasons why this can happen. The rain sensor may be wet, water supply may be shut off, valve may be malfunctioning, potential cut wire, possible bad wire connection, or controller could not be transmitting enough power.

Where is my main shut off valve for the system?
This will vary depending on the water source. If it is supplied by the municipality then your shut off would be a curbside water meter. If it is pump then the power to the pump must be shut down.

I have a leak or break in one zone of my system. Can I still run the normal cycle?
You should turn off that zone until the break is fixed. By running this zone you will waste a huge amount of water not benefiting the landscape.

Why do I need a rain sensor?
A rain sensor will stop your irrigation system from running when enough rain has been collected. If not enough rain has been provided then the system will run. The rain sensor takes the guess work out of this equation. In addition, Florida statute 373.62 requires that homeowners have a properly functioning rain sensor.

My water keeps running and won’t shut off. What do I do?

  1. First, turn the controller to OFF. If the water continues to run, turn the water off at the valve or point of connection such as the water meter.
  2. We are happy to inspect your system and determine the cause of the issue.

Where is my backflow located?
This is usually near the water meter but can be located anywhere before the valves.

Why are MP rotators more efficient than older spray nozzles?
MP rotators are more efficient because they distribute water at a slow distribution rate. This allows water to absorb deeper into the soil to the root system. With traditional spray heads, water is distributed at a faster application rate. Therefore, much water is wasted due to runoff and mist. For more information, visit our MP Rotator page.

Do you have an emergency number?
We have an after hours answering service that you can reach 24/7.

How can I set up an irrigation appointment?
Call us at 1-800-814-3766 or email us at info@heronpest.com to set up your FREE Same Day 7 Point Irrigation Analysis.

Do you service all brands of irrigation systems?
Yes, we do.

I’m on the Irrigation Maintenance Program, but I have a problem on a month when you are not scheduled for a visit. Can I still have a technician come out?
Yes, we provide FREE service calls between your regular scheduled visits.

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