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Irrigation Maintenance Programs

With busy schedules, many homeowners find it challenging to stay on top of the needs of their sprinkler systems. Just like a car needs routine maintenance, your irrigation system needs regular adjustments and maintenance as well. Our Bi-Monthly Irrigation Maintenance Program takes that hassle away and minimizes the risk of costly irrigation repairs. Statistics show that an average of 50% of your household water consumption comes from your irrigation system. A poorly maintained system can result in much of this water being wasted to runoff and evaporation. Maintaining and having regular adjustments to your irrigation system conserves water and reduces costly irrigation watering bills as well.

With a frequently changing climate, adjusting your irrigation system as needed can make the difference of a green healthy lawn or a lawn with brown dead areas of turf. Running over sprinkler heads with the lawn mower also wreaks havoc on your system. Lawn mowers and weed eaters not only continuously break sprinkler heads, but also brushing up against sprinkler heads can change the direction or arc of the head. This leads to uneven water coverage as well as sprinkler heads pointing in the wrong direction causing water to run off sidewalks and in the streets.

With our Maintenance Program, every other month our technician will go through your sprinkler system zone by zone to make that sure your lawn is getting even and adequate water coverage. Also, if you have broken sprinkler heads, we will replace them for FREE if you are on our Irrigation Maintenance Program.

Bi-Monthly Irrigation Maintenance Program includes:

  1. Going through each zone and adjusting sprinkler heads to ensure accurate head to head coverage.
  2. Replacing broken sprinkler heads for FREE
  3. Calibrating irrigation controllers for correct watering times and duration
  4. Seasonal adjustments to watering schedules and adjustments for Daylight Savings Times
  5. Inspecting valves, rain sensor and controller
  6. Technician will leave notes explaining what adjustments and repairs were performed on your system after each visit
  7. Any additional repairs needed beyond what is covered on the Maintenance Program are discounted 15% off (only for those customer with our Maintenance Program)

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